Ship Marine Surveying services


Ship Marine Surveying offers marine surveys and technical advices for ships, motorboats, sailboats, small crafts and ribs thanks to its qualified and skilled marine surveyor.


According to needs, surveys are carried out pragmatically system by system or on a structural basis and cover all the domains: maneuverability, buoyancy, seaworthiness, life onboard, safety, accommodations and special equipment.

Ship Marine Surveying clients



Ship Marine Surveying services are for boat owners, sellers, buyers, hire companies, insurers and shipyards. The services concern numerous types of ship and boat.

The surveys, advice services and audits can cover all of a boat (structure, hull, propulsion, sails & rigging,…) or just a part if needed.

Reports can be produced in English or French.

Ship Marine Surveying values


Ship Marine Surveying offers quality and client satisfaction in accordance with its values.


Ship Marine Surveying complies with the codes of conducted as proposed by those institutes of which its surveyor is a member.

Constant client contact is maintained throughout all survey and service operations conducted behalf of the client.

Qualification-Certification-Prof. bodies


The Ship Marine Surveying surveyor is an experienced and qualified member of a number of relevant marine professional bodies (IIMS, RINA, IMarEST, SCMS, NI, SNAME, ABYC).


Furthermore he is a Ship Expert Witness for the Court of Appeal in Rennes (Merchant and Pleasure-Boating).


The surveyor holds suitable  professional insurance with SeaSecure/Beazley (via Lloyd’s 2623 and 623).


DipIng (Maintenance) - DipMarSur - ChEng - CEng - CMarEng - MIMarEST - MIIMS - MRINA - MCMS - MNI - MSNAME - MABYC

The Marine Surveyor

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