Pre-transactional Survey

The pre-transactional survey consists in carrying out a condition survey and valuating the boat in anticipation/expectation and/or for an insurance and/or bank loan.

The pre-transactional means:

-       pre-sale

-       pre-purchase

-       in-hire & off-hire

-       insurance survey

-       appraisal inspection

-       condition survey


The range of the survey can cover, in agreement with the client, all or part of the boat, the structural elements or the equipments of the vessels, as required.


The valuation takes into account all influenced factors such age, history, condition, navigational past, maintenances history, added value (equipment,…), passed damages/failures, etc…


The survey includes an ashoreside inspection to evaluate the underside. Without this no comment can be made.


Sea trial and test of equipment should be carried out. Without testing no comments can be made on performance or vessel or equipment.


The survey report covers among others aspects, a complete description of the boat, the specifics of observed points (highlight points of interest, issues or possible hazards and suggesting possible improvements). A list of prioritised recommendations is provided.

Damage, accident, failure Inspection

The purpose of this type of survey is to establish the source or origin of damage, failure or an accident.


The principle is to:

- investigate cause(s)

- try to determine the cause(s)

- establish the most plausible scenario leading to damage, failure or accident

- list the corrective actions necessary to regain a normal state

- offer a list of recommendations to avoid this type of damage, failure or accident


The investigative procedure is based essentially on proven methods of investigation:

- causality tree

- failure mode effects analysis (FMEA)

- Ishikawa method (Fishbone)

- forensic investigation method


Technical consultancy allows us to meet the needs related to one or several personalised projects that the client wishes to carry out projects customised to the needs of the client.

For example:

- careening work

- preventive and corrective maintenance

- part-repair work after damage

- pre-voyage surveys

- refit or modernisation of equipment

- replacement of all or part of a functional installation (i.e. a diesel engine alternator)

- deck and / or interior refit

Assistance to party




The assistance to party is intended to assist in a dispute or a sue.

This type of marine survey is part of a need for second independent expert opinion.


The Report



The associated report is delivered in two forms; duplicates can be produced.

- password protected pdf format via email

- printed paper and bound, photos and diagrams / sketches in coulor (mailed)


The deadline for the delivery of the report will be dependant on the services proved and according to the contract made.